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Dave vs Greg – MOC Challenge 1: Camping

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Dave and I were recently pitted against eachother by Mr LEGO over at, to each construct a Camping scene.

We loved this idea and challenge and both started on our MOCs. The theme was Camping and we had only a week until judgement day.

There were only three rules;

  1. No bigger than 32×32 studs
  2. Use our own bricks
  3. No Set pieces (taken from LEGO sets)

We did communicate throughout the challenge, throwing heavily cropped and distorted teaser photos at eachother, both to our annoyment!

The day came when Mr LEGO’s deadline had come. Dave sent his photos (3 side photos and 1 main photo) to me and then I forwarded them onto the Judge along with my photos. Basically to disguise whos MOC was whos.

After 10 minutes or so the results were in!


Vote goes to me (Greg)!

We then decided to upload them to our Instagram account, putting it to the public’s vote.


Vote went to Dave!

So at the end of our first MOC Challenge it was a tie.

Keep your eyes peeled for MOC Challenge 2 coming soon!


If you missed it all then I have attached the photos below, why not let us know your opinions?!

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